To everyone who has been following us these years…
Today, we would like to announce the end of a journey that has been absolutely amazing for the last 4 years and one of the most beautiful and intense parts of our life.


Although all of our love, dedication and motivation went into ‘Volt & State’, we were stuck in the direction we were heading. After a lot of talks with friends, family and people from the industry, we decided it would be better to end Volt & State with a fantastic show, which we had at Sziget Festival.

Saying goodbye to something you worked on with all of your heart is not an easy choice. All of the memories we made will be with us forever, but to stay healthy and develop as a human being sometimes means taking a step in a new direction, to let go of something you’ve given everything for.


We will always continue to show our love and passion for music, whether through working in the industry or doing other musical projects. For all the people in the scene, you know where to find us:).

We are happy to have been able to share this amazing part of our life with you and we are grateful for all of the love and support we received from you over the years!


Martijn and Quirijn


We want to thank our family and friends that supported us from the beginning. We know this must have been hard sometimes as we put all our time into music, but know we couldn’t got this far without your support!

Special thanks go out to Nick Rotteveel, Jorik van de Pol, Sander Landsaat, Hatim El Khatib, Angeliek Bergsma, Dennis Brugman, Thomas De Raad, Vincent Leijen, Mattijs van Welzenis, Onno van Kemenade, Marc Zwart, Sebastien Lintz, the whole Protocol team, and all the people in the industry that helped us from the beginning to the end.